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Growing food from food scraps: Scallions!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Did you know, you can regenerate #foodscraps to grow your own food! This is incredibly easy, and requires food scraps (you probably already have and were likely to compost or throw away), and water! Below we have shown you the steps on how to do this with scallions. Follow our other posts to get more tips about growing different foods from scraps!

Cut a scallion about one inch from the roots. Place in a small cup of water and watch the greens regenerate themselves! We call this zombie scallion because it has come back from the dead!

After two days my scallion has started to grow!

After 3 days it has gotten even bigger!

After about one week your scallion will be almost like new! Now you can use it to add some colorful garnish to your dishes! I like to put scallions on spicy peanut noodles.

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