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Part 3 - Food, Waste and Climate Workshop Series

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In part 3 of our Food, Waste and Climate series we took a look at how food, waste and climate are related. Food production and waste, particularly food waste, contribute to our climate crisis. But building healthy soils rich in organic matter is one way to draw down carbon in the atmosphere. Regenerative agriculture improves the soil health, increasing water retention, available nutrients and microorganism, all of which lead to better plant growth and carbon capture.

What is soil? How does increasing soil’s organic content increase its ability to take carbon out of the atmosphere?

To find out, view the recorded workshop below and then access the Google Classroom for discussion questions, videos, articles, a quiz and exit ticket you can share with your students.

Climate Workshop Recording

View the Google Classroom

To request to be added as a teacher to the Food, Waste and Climate Google Classroom, email us at

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