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Teaching Garden Update 4/9

Another week has passed and we have a few more updates from the Teaching Garden!

First, we have a variety of plant starts growing indoors that are almost ready to move out to their home on Governors Island. Among those are some classics that we plant every year like tomatillos (pictured first) and zinnias (pictured below).

We also are trying some new things this year by planting sesame (pictured first), chickpeas (pictured below)!

They all look very happy indoors and we cant wait to get them out to the garden. Meanwhile on the Island we have planted more spinach (pictured first) and we started carrot seeds (pictured below).

Carrots and beets are two things we love to plant in the Teaching Garden because its a great vegetable for visiting students to pull out. If you haven't pulled out a beet, carrot, or other root vegetable from the ground, its highly satisfying! We love giving our students the opportunity to feel the root vegetable come out of the ground, and if they don't taste it in the garden its a great memento they can take home to show friends and family!

Excitingly, the beets we planted last week have started to germinate!

Lastly, our blueberry bush is starting to bud!

We can't wait to share more updates about the Teaching Garden with you! Make sure to check in every Thursday for our weekly updates.

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