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Workforce Development Program

Grow NYC’s Summer Workforce Development Internship is an exciting eight-week opportunity for youth ages 16-19 to gain skills in food and agriculture.


From July through August, our Summer Workforce Development Interns will rotate through each of GrowNYC’s programs: Education, Conservation, Green Space, and Food Access, completing a combination of hands-on field work and course work to learn more about GrowNYC’s environmental initiatives. Interns will develop a strong understanding of GrowNYC’s work, while also developing their own projects in an area of their interest.


Participants will end the season with a deeper understanding of our complex food system and will receive a certificate of completion. This internship is a wonderful opportunity for youth interested in starting careers in food and agriculture, or who are interested in gaining experience in and knowledge of NYC’s local food systems.

Below you'll find important information about the program, application process, and our upcoming information session. 

Sample Program Schedule

Week 1: Welcome and Introductions to GrowNYC


Week 2: Food Systems

Interns will visit various GrowNYC Food Access locations and assist with packaging and distribution.


Week 3: Food Business

Interns will visit and assist at youth-led farm stands. 


Week 4: Climate and the Environment

Interns will work alongside GrowNYC staff at a Food Scrap drop off site. 


Week 5: Public Health and Food Policy

Interns will examine and create a public health campaign to run with consumers at a local Greenmarket. 


Week 6: Urban Agriculture

Interns assist at one of GrowNYC’s community gardens: weeding, harvesting, light building, and garden maintenance.  


Week 7: Organizing, Activism, and Advocacy

Interns will plan and partake in a food advocacy event  


Week 8: Career Prep and Final Project Presentations

Important Information About Your Application

Applicants for the Summer Workforce Development Internship position should submit a cover letter or a video expressing interest in the role and two references. If you don’t include the necessary information, your application will likely not be considered. Here are some tips to get started on your application:

What is a reference?


A reference is a person who can confirm your educational, professional, and or personal qualifications for the position. A reference will likely be asked questions about you. For example: What skills make you fit for the position, what your interests are, and if you work well with others. A reference is not yourself or a family member. 


Suitable references include:


  • Former employers, managers or supervisors

  • Former coworkers

  • Advisors, teachers, or instructors


What if I have don't have professional or academic references?


If you don’t have a work-related or academic reference, you should include a reference who can speak to your character. This might include volunteer coordinators, club or community group leaders and/or supervisors, neighbors, and or long-term friends. 


What should I include in my cover letter or video?


A cover letter is the most important part of your application. It allows you the opportunity to tell us more about you, why you think you are a good candidate, and what experiences and/or skills you have that might be important for the position. 


When writing or filming your cover letter, consider some of the following questions: 


  • Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

  • Why do you want to join the Summer Workforce Development program? 

  • What personal qualities, life experiences, or professional experiences make you a good fit for the program?

  • What do you hope to gain from this experience? 

  • What are your relevant interests? How does this program align with your interests?

  • What are you most excited about, and why?


Note: These are simply suggestions. Responses to all of these questions is not required.

Join us for a virtual information session and Q&A!


April 26th at 6pm ET

Meet The Team 

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 12.28.08 PM.png

Aviva Magder-Pascaris (she/they), is the Youth Engagement Coordinator at GrowNYC. Aviva grew up in New York City, and started growing food through an urban farm at the age of 16. For six years, she has educated K-12 youth in public schools, community gardens, libraries, and museums. In their free time, Aviva enjoys creating new recipes, growing food, and making pottery. 


Aviva will be leading this Summer's Workforce Development program. She is a great person to reach out to with questions regarding this year's program. 

Check out my sample video cover letter, and learn a little more about me!

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