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Created with New York City students in mind, our free curricula explore food access, justice, nutrition, and more. 

Each curriculum's page includes an orientation, lessons, and additional resources.

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Farmstand Business Curriculum

Target Grade: 9 - 12

About: The Farmstand Business curriculum empowers school communities to take a meaningful look at our food system, to evaluate the growing capacity at their individual schools, and examines the model GrowNYC has used for over 50 years to support food access in New York City. 

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Food Justice in the Community

Target Grade: 9 - 12

About: This curriculum was designed to empower and enlighten people about Food Justice. Food Justice efforts are a rallying cry from the people directly affected by inequitable food policies and practices. 

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Root Camp Curriculum

Target Grade: 5 - 9, successfully adaptable for D75 schools

About: Root Camp Curriculum, written by Ample Table for Everyone is a nutrition education curriculum. It introduces basic nutrition concepts such as food groups, seasonality, balanced meals, nutrients, and more. Each of the ten lessons includes a cooking activity to involve all the senses. 

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Align Gardening to 
NYC Teaching Standards

Our team aligned gardening activities and lesson plans to the K-8 NYC Scope and Sequences, to make it easier for educators to integrate gardening with grade-appropriate teaching standards. 

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