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Farmstand Business Curriculum



The Farmstand Business curriculum empowers school communities to take a meaningful look at our food system, to evaluate the growing capacity at their individual schools, and examines the model GrowNYC has used for over 50 years to support food access in New York City. It allows your school to reach beyond the perimeter of your school garden and onto plates in your communities, while allowing your students to learn real-world business skills.

During the pandemic, schools in all five boroughs reached out to us about growing food for their communities in their school gardens. Food insecurity in New York City is not unique to the pandemic. It is a pervasive issue that existed before the pandemic and without meaningful change, will persist after. 

Urban agriculture does not require advanced degrees. It values learned experience. One goal for the Farmstand Business curriculum is that it will launch green career opportunities for your students. Participating students may be invited to work at GrowNYC Farmstands over the summer.

Optional pre-requisite Food Justice curriculum can be found for free here.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to be taught as individual units or as a wholeClick on each image below to be taken to the PDF of curriculum Units One, Two, and Three. Check out the Facilitator's Guide for extra resources for each lesson. 

Unit One (2).png
Unit One (1).png
Unit One.png
Unit One.jpg

Accompanying Powerpoints

Unit One: Lessons 1 - 8

Lesson 10.jpg
Lesson 10.jpg
Lesson 3.jpg
Lesson 4.jpg
Lesson 5.jpg
Lesson 6.jpg
Lesson 11 (2).png
Lesson 8.png

Unit Two: Lessons 9 - 12

Lesson 9.png
Lesson 10.png
Lesson 11.png
Lesson 11 (1).png

Contact Info

For questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the School Gardens team:


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