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How to Plant a Spider Plant Baby

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Is your spider plant sending out spider plant babies? You can plant them and make more spider plants for yourself, your friends, and family! They're also called spider pups or spiderettes, and they're super easy to propagate (propagate = breed specimens of a plant by natural processes from the parent stock).

Mature, healthy spider plants in good conditions will send out runners that form spider plant babies. In the photo below, you can see what the white flower looks like. After a few weeks, it will turn into a spider plant baby. This can happen up to a few times a year!

It's a good idea to let the spider plant pups develop the beginning of roots before cutting them off and planting them.

Watch our video below for instructions on how to plant a spider plant baby!

Once you've planted all the pups from a runner, you can prune the runner by cutting it off at the base.

Alternative: Water Propagation -If you want to observe the roots growing instead of putting it straight into the potting soil, you can put the very bottom of the spider plant pup in water for a week or two (make sure the leaves don't touch the water, or they'll rot). Then, once you see the roots growing after a couple weeks, plant it in potting soil.

Care: Spider plants light bright, indirect light. If you leave them in a super sunny window in direct light, they can actually start to burn! Spider plants prefer to dry out between waterings.

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