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Saving Pepper Seeds

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Step One: Remove seeds from the pepper. Toss any that are discolored.

Step Two: Wash the seeds to make sure there’s no plant matter still attached (this will rot) and lay them on a paper towel, coffee filter, or newspaper to dry.

Step Three: Let the seeds dry for a few days. Flip them to make sure all sides are drying equally.

Step Four: Once seeds are dry (you’ll know they’re ready when you can snap them in half easily), store them in a dry, cool area. You can save pepper seeds for up to three years.

Bell Pepper Facts

  • Red bell peppers have twice the vitamin C of green peppers

  • They sweeten as they ripen

  • Bell peppers are actually a fruit!

You can try this seed saving activity with other types of fruit as well. However, some experiments may be more successful than others. For example, store-bought cucumbers might not work! The seeds inside cucumbers are only mature once the cuke gets old and turns yellow on the vine. All the cucumbers you buy in the store are harvested before that stage, when they are fresh, young, and tasty to eat.

Also, some store-bought varieties (of cukes and other produce) are “sterile hybrids” which means they won’t reproduce. You can visit a local Greenmarket to find a wider variety of heirloom fruits whose seeds can be saved. Try out different things and see what happens!

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