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Teaching Garden update 5/29

We are still working hard in the Teaching Garden, we have planted all of our main beds and have even moved around and filled extra garden beds we had lying around. We have also gotten creative with other items to use as planters! For example, we have filled broken old wheelbarrows with soil and used small garbage cans, buckets, and milk crates to make as much planting space as possible. We are trying to use all of our space as efficiently as possible to be able to grow lots of vegetables, herbs, and fruits to donate later this year.

Since we have not had students in our space we have had a lot of extra time to complete tasks that we have always wanted to do but haven't quite had time to execute. For example, we built a pallet organizer for our tools so they can be stored under cover and out of the rain. Hopefully this will keep our tools in good shape for many years to come! It may not look glamorous now but we created this by up-cycling old pallets and with a fresh coat of paint it will look great in no time.

As for our garden, we have many exciting updates! Our rose bushes are flowering beautifully!

The potatoes we planted a few weeks ago have sprouted and are growing happily.

Lastly, we filled our newest addition to the farm, our rice paddy, with soil and planted our rice starts. We can't wait to see how the rice does later this season!

Check back in a few weeks for more updates!

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