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Teaching Garden Update 6/5

This week our update will mainly focus on two amazing plants. Strawberries and Potatoes! It is officially strawberry season and we have begun to harvest delicious ripe strawberries every day.

This week, which was our first harvest of strawberries, we picked about 20 pounds of strawberries! We expect that number to increase as the month goes on.

Enjoy this fun video we created to learn a little more about strawberries and how to grow them at home.

Next is potatoes. Remember our potato post from a few weeks ago... well now our potatoes are ready to be mounded up. Did you know that you can drastically increase your potato harvest by covering the bottom half of the potato plant when they get to be about 8-10 inches high? We do this by mounding up the bottom half of the plant and covering it with soil but there are many different ways to mound potatoes. Why is this important? Potatoes grow underground, and by essentially creating more underground space for our potato plants we encourage them to grow more tubers and thus more potatoes. See pictures of our potato plants before we mounded them with soil and click the arrow to see what they looked like after.

Stay tuned for more teaching garden updates!

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