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Teaching Garden Update June 11

Now that it is June, the garden is growing quickly and we are trying to keep up with the weeds and pests! We are thinning our carrots to give them room to grow, pruning our tomatoes to increase air flow and discourage diseases, and covering zucchinis and squashes with row cover to try to keep cucumber beetles out.

In the garden, we are seeing blossoms bloom and fruits grow. Here are just a few photos that of what's growing, including our first ripe blueberries and our first little baby tomatoes coming in.

With the help of our friendly neighbors at Earth Matter and their trusty van, we began making small donations to The Catholic Worker to serve people at St Joseph House. We donated lettuce, strawberries, radishes, and flowers. We also shared our abundant strawberry harvest directly with our friends at Earth Matter - sharing is caring!

Today is our first large donation to our partner Chili's On Wheels. We hope they will be excited to receive all of this lettuce, strawberries, herbs, snap peas, and radishes totaling over 300 pounds - wow!

We are thankful to have the help of some corporate volunteer groups this season as well, they've been helping us weed, harvest, and compost to our beds, and much more.

We have also been busy with both in person and virtual learning. If you are interested in signing up your small class, camp, or co-learning group for a summer field trip at the Teaching Garden fill out this google form. Hope to see you at the garden soon!

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