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Teaching Garden Update June 25

Happy Summer from the Teaching Garden!

Summer at the garden means vigilantly staying on top of pests and weeds, and harvesting frequently to discourage bolting in the heat.

We are lucky to have the help of many volunteers -- like this awesome group that helped us tackle the weeds in our flower garden, and this group that helped harvest herbs for our donation to Chili's on Wheels.

We are also so happy to be hosting students in the garden again, here are some wonderful young farmers carefully watering in a new succession of basil that they just planted.

We planted our summer crops including sweet potatoes, bush beans, soybeans, and some heat tolerant carrots to go through summer.

We are also super excited to welcome back BloomAgainBklyn to harvest, arrange, and donate flowers from our flower garden. What a treat to see them create beautiful bouquets with flowers from our garden, and all for donation to bring joy to people's lives.

We made another small donation to Catholic Workers charity last week, and today we donated to Chilis on Wheels.

Our harvests are diversifying as we begin to harvest summer fruits like blueberries and zucchini, as well as hardy greens like kale, collards, and swiss chard. And the ultimate sign of a summer garden: our tomato and plants are heavy with fruit getting ready to ripen!

More delicious things to come soon!

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