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Ancestral Foods: The Story of Food

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

In this introduction to Ancestral Foods: The Story of Food, presenters Chantel Kemp, DK Kinard and Tutu Badaru take the audience on a journey that explores food transitions and food traditions. Making the connection between Africa, the African Diaspora, the Caribbean and it's connection to the United States. Exploring food as nourishment, as communication, healing tools for communities, and walking viewers through the relationships between food, self, culture, environment, and spirituality.

This workshop is from Day 2 of our 2023 Garden Series, which was held on March 29, 2023.


Presentation PDF:

Ancestral Foods_ The Story of Food
Download PDF • 4.28MB

Additional Resources:

Books That Inspire Ancestral Connection to Food:

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