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Culturally Responsive Garden Education

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Check out our workshop hosted on August 19th, 2020 as part of our Summer Garden Series.

Check out additional resources below:

Children’s Books

Books for Professional Development

  • Brock, A. (2017). Change here now: Permaculture solutions for personal and community transformation. North Atlantic Books.

  • Bucklin-Sporer, A., & Pringle, R. K. (2010). Ethnobotany Explorers. Timber Press.

  • Hammond, Z. (2014). Culturally responsive teaching and the brain: Promoting authentic engagement and rigor among culturally and linguistically diverse students. Corwin Press.

  • Paris, D., & Alim, H. S. (Eds.). (2017). Culturally sustaining pedagogies: Teaching and learning for justice in a changing world. Teachers College Press.

  • Paye, G. D., Hammond, E. J., & Runyon, J. E. (2000). Cultural uses of plants: a guide to learning about ethnobotany (No. Sirsi) i9780893274221).

  • Penniman, L. (2018). Farming while black: Soul fire farm's practical guide to liberation on the land. Chelsea Green Publishing.

  • Schaefer, S. (2015). Huichol Women, Weavers, and Shamans. University of New Mexico Press: New Mexico.


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