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Fun Floral Arrangements with Fall Leaves

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

We hosted a workshop on October 28th, 2020 with BloomAgainBklyn.

Our workshop host is BloomAgainBklyn volunteer Lisa Oberholzer-Gee, a NYC-based floral designer who has her own flower business. She demonstrated how to make these beautiful fall creations below!

We were so excited to work with the folks at BloomAgainBklyn for this workshop. They and their volunteers have come out to our Teaching Garden on Governor's Island multiple times to harvest flowers, make arrangements, and donate them to senior centers, health care centers, and more

to spread joy and build community. Learn more about BloomAgainBklyn in the short video below.

Check out the interactive workshop below, where Lisa demonstrates how to use fall leaves and other natural elements to make creative vases, wreaths, and floral arrangements.

To get ready to make Fall arrangements, you can plan a scavenger hunt, or just go on a walk in the park or your backyard to find materials like leaves, sticks, and pinecones. The Central Park Conservancy has a Fall Foliage Map and many Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt worksheets can be found on Pinterest. Or, you can make up your own scavenger hunt!

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