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Teaching Garden Update 10/23

This week in the teaching garden our "Get Outside" students helped us plant garlic! Did you know that garlic grows from garlic cloves? We plant the cloves around this time of year, they grow into a plant over the winter, and then by spring next year we will be able to harvest a whole new garlic bulb. Here is one of our students watering in the garlic he planted.

We use the little spoons to help younger students understand plant spacing.

We also had a visit from students who are a part of GrowNYC's "Learn it, Grow it, Eat it" program. These students have visited our garden earlier this season for a tour, and this time they helped us get some garden work done! Here is one of the students building a bed (adding compost), and planting spinach.

Here is another student harvesting peanuts!

These students also helped us pull out our tomato plants, and pot up some more mint plants that will be delivered to home bound seniors later this year.

We have finished our donations to the Black Feminist Project for the season, so this week we donated some of our Lettuce (64 pounds) and Tomatoes (17 pounds) to the Coalition for the Homeless.

Don't forget this is the second to last weekend to visit the island before it closes for the season! Come out to the garden to see whats growing, water some plants, or for a kid-friendly scavenger hunt.

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