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Teaching Garden Update 9/17

We are seeing the first signs of fall in the teaching garden, it is just around the corner! We cut back our kale plants and will be planting cover crop in many of our beds soon. We are working on our fall education and hoping to work with as many groups as possible in person or virtually. If you are interested in scheduling a trip (in person or virtually) to the Teaching garden please fill out our google forms (linked above)!

Today we donated several hundred pounds of produce to Chilis on Wheels to distribute to families and folks in Brownsville, Brooklyn. This weeks donation included...

some beautiful cherry tomatoes (we are savoring the last bits of summer until these plants finally kick the can),

Eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, cabbage

Swiss Chard (not pictured), Kale, Basil, and Collard greens (ft. an adorable heart shaped leaf),

Leeks (showing off their wonderful root doo's)

Zucchini, various herbs (fennel, oregano, rosemary), and green beans (they weren't feeling their most photogenic this week and asked not to be photographed, we obviously respected their wishes).

In other news, we have been actively trying to kill all of the Spotted Lanternflies that we can! If you aren't aware, the spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species of Moth that we are begining to see more and more of in the teaching garden. These pests are a real threat to trees and vines, like apples and grapes, which are incredibly important crops in New York State. If you happen to see any of these colorful insects, which can be identified by their grey spotted back, red spots by their eyes, and red spotted underwings, try your best to squish them!

Grampy grasshopper wishes you a wonderful weekend!

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