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Teaching Garden Update September 3

Fall is in the air! This week, Hurricane Ida flooded our garden along with the subway systems. We thankfully got by with only one plant fatality (one of our poor eggplant plants cracked). The road in-between our inner garden and garden extension was completely flooded but dried up fully thanks to the Bio-swales in the road!

We had lots of tomato and pepper plants falling out of their cages but a few stakes stood them up straight again!

The last few weeks have been so hot, but the weather after the storm was beautifully cool with a wonderful breeze. This week we harvested a little over 300 pounds of produce to donate to Chilis on Wheels! Our donation today included...

45 pounds of Collard greens, 39 pounds of Swiss Chard, 33 pounds of Kale, 24 pounds of Sweet Potato Greens (our first harvest of the season), 12 pounds of Basil (which is close to coming to an end for the season), 8 pounds of Bac Choi,

20 pounds of Tomatoes, 23 pounds of Green Beans, 19 pounds of Leeks, 10 pounds of Squash (our first donation of the season! the squash has been curing in our shed for a few weeks and is now sweet enough to eat), 15 pounds of Eggplant,

5 pounds of Zucchini, 18 pounds of Beets, 6 pounds of Carrots, 12 pounds of Cucumbers, 5 pounds of sweet Peppers, and 6 pounds of hot Peppers.

The previous week we donated over 300 pounds of produce to the Black Feminist Project. No photos of that donation this week but it was mostly the same produce.

Lastly, and most excitingly, PawPaw season has begun! Unfortunately, these fruits are too delicate and have too short of a shelf-life, that we are unable to donate them. We haaadd to cut one open at lunch to give it a try.

Pawpaws are deliciously creamy, with a mango-y flavor.

Stay tuned to hear about our next few donations and happenings at our Teaching Garden in two weeks!

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