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Teaching Garden Update 10/30

Its the last weekend to visit the teaching garden! Stop by this weekend to see the farm before Governors Island closes for the year.

GrowNYC Grains came out to the teaching garden to plant some rye about 3 weeks ago and this week they started germinating!

This week we also donated a ton of greens and other produce to Chilis on Wheels!

About 30 pounds each of Beets, Radishes, and sweet and hot Peppers.

4 wheelbarrows of Collard greens, 3 wheelbarrows of Swiss Chard, and 2 wheelbarrows of Kale,

the rest of our Cabbage and Lettuce, and finally sweet potatoes (not pictured).

This donation came in at about 350 pounds of produce total! We are so happy to provide fresh delicious produce to such great organizations :)

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