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Teaching Garden Update 10/9

This week in the teaching garden we donated just over 200 pounds of produce to the Black Feminist Project this week. Our donation included...

13 pounds of Beets,

4 pounds of Okra, 7 pounds of Bitter Melon, 20 pounds of Green Beans, 6 pounds of Tomatillos,

20 pounds of Cabbage, 44 pounds of Collard Greens, 19 pounds of Kale, 38 pounds of Swiss Chard, 16 pounds of Tomatoes,

1 pound of Lemon Balm, 1.5 pounds of Rosemary, 13 pounds of Radishes, 8 pounds of Peppers, and 30 pounds of Eggplant.

A beautiful and abundant harvest!

In other news in the teaching garden we harvested our first ever prickly pears! They were a little under ripe so we left most of them on the plant to ripen fully but they still look beautiful! Have you ever tried prickly pear before?

Lastly, there is still space to register for our Children's environmental education program on Mondays for the rest of October. Come out to the garden with your students to get a chance to see whats growing on the farm, harvest some vegetables to try later, and participate in some fun and educational hands-on activities including planting, watering, compost exploration, and nature art. Look how much fun our students who have already visited have had! One student enjoys the sensations of a friendly bug on her arm, while others show off their weed bouquets.

Another student feels a butterfly on her finger! Register for one of our remaining spots for this great opportunity here and perhaps this could be you or your student!

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