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Teaching Garden Update 11/13

This week in the teaching garden we donated about 200 pounds of produce to Chilis on Wheels!

Our donation included 10 pounds of Beets, 12 pounds of Radishes, 9 pounds of Peppers, 17 pounds of Kale, 46 pounds of Collard greens, 31 pounds of Swiss Chard,

and about 75 pounds of Pumpkin! We did not grow the pumpkins in the Teaching Garden. They were donated to us by Governor's Island after their annual pumpkin patch.

We also donated about 600 pounds of those pumpkins to Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve! They will also be sharing some of those pumpkins with Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary.

Here are some great photos of Turkeys, Pigs, and Chickens munching on those delicious pumpkins!

Lastly, we donated about 200 more mint plants to be distributed to folks through the Chinese-American Planning Council. Here are a few photos from one of those plant-distributions!

We hope everyone enjoys their new mint plant!

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