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Teaching Garden Update 11/6

As the weather gets a little colder, and the days get a little shorter, we are slowly starting to prepare the farm for winter.

Around this time of year the greens grow a little slower so we are only doing a donation every other week. Stay tuned to see what we donate next week!

The garlic that we planted just about a month ago has germinated!

These garlic cloves will continue to grow a little more over the winter and then by early spring they should be about a foot tall. We will let these plants grow over the summer and harvest them around August next year.

This week we took apart all of our irrigation (after the pipes were drained for winter). We are also planting cover crop, and getting a chance to weed some areas of the garden that overwhelmed us in the middle of the season. Soon we will insulate our beds with straw for winter and cut down our remaining annual plants that will die after a frost.

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