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Teaching Garden Update 12/4

This week in the teaching garden we harvested one of our largest donations yet!

The last harvest of the season is often the biggest because we cut most of our plants down, and we pull everything out of the ground. This weeks donation included...

3 pounds of Carrots, 2 pounds of Potatoes, 5 pounds of Leeks,

30 pounds of Kale, 90 pounds of Collards, 58 pounds of Chard,

44 pounds of Bac Choi, 20 pounds of Spinach ,55 pounds of Beets,

5 pounds of Hot Peppers (not pictured), 18.5 pounds of Cabbage (not pictured), 4 pounds of herbs (Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Mint, and Sage), and 26 pounds of Radishes.

This donation was a total of about 360 pounds!

In other news this week, our broccoli plants started forming heads! These broccoli will not be ready for another month or so.

Since we have finished most of our farm tasks for the winter, this week we have been getting a jump start on next season but finishing up our greenhouse. We started building beds to fit in the greenhouse so when we come out next spring we can jump right into planting. Here are some before photos of the empty greenhouse.

It looks great! We still need to add plastic to the doors before we can mount them but the plastic expands with heat. We have to wait for a relatively warm day to do that, otherwise come summer, our plastic will expand and be a little too loose. Here are a few photos of the beds we have built.

This is one of the beds that will go across the length of the greenhouse, its about 12 feet long. There is one more of these that we have started but not quite finished yet.

This bed will be in the opposite corner and is about 4x4 feet. We hope to put some kind of fruiting tree in this bed but we have not decided what yet. We can't wait to finish up this project so we can start planting in here next spring.

Thats all for now. Our teaching garden updates will start slowing down as the weather gets colder and there is less to do in the garden during the winter. We are spending a little less time out in the garden and a little more time preparing for next spring's farm and education plans.

See you next spring!

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