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Teaching Garden Update 3/19

Teaching garden updates are back! Spring is officially in the air and the teaching garden team has been working hard to wake up our garden from winter. This involves removing dead plant material that hung around from last fall, pruning fruit trees and berry bushes, and re-building beds that lost some soil over the winter from wind and erosion.

We are also working hard to get our new (ish) greenhouse up and running. We finally put the plastic on the doors which was the last step in finishing the outside of the greenhouse!

We also finished building the beds that go inside the greenhouse and sealed them with a protective sealant - lindseed oil. We lined the inside of the beds with landscape fabric to help keep the soil from spilling out and to prevent weeds from growing up through the ground. They look great! We cant wait to get them planted.

Now its time to fill the greenhouse beds with soil! We are also working on increasing the width of the row beds in the main part of our garden. To do this we are hauling tons of soil in wheelbarrows to the greenhouse beds, and to the row beds. In the rows we will then rake out and shape the beds until they are about the size we want them. Finally we will add a bit of compost to both the rows and the greenhouse beds (but we are not quite there yet).

To fill these beds we need a ton of soil! This week we got 20 cubic yards of soil delivered to the garden via dump truck.

Over the next few weeks our main priority will be moving this soil to the garden beds. Currently we only have about 2-4 staff coming out to the garden regularly and a massive pile of soil, so this will take some time.

Lastly, we installed a cool art piece at the entrance of our flower garden!

We cant wait for the warmer weather to stick around so we can start planting our spring crops.

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