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Teaching Garden Update 4/24

We have been keeping very busy in the Teaching Garden getting everything ready and planting out our first crops of the season. Here are a few updates from this week!

We have been working hard to prep all of our garden beds so they are ready to plant. Prepping a garden bed involves removing weeds and/or cover crop from the bed, adding potting soil, adding compost, raking it out to the correct shape, and tamping it down.

Watch this video to see a time lapse of one bed getting prepped. We did this to about 20 beds this week!

The spinach we direct seeded last week has germinated!

We also pulled out a few carrots that we had overwintered. Overwintering is just what it sounds like, we planted these carrot seeds last fall and they grew over the winter.

A few of our trees are beautifully blossoming! Including our apple tree.

And our sand cherry tree (or bush/shrub)

Last but definitely not least, our strawberries have begun flowering!

The coolest part about strawberry flowers is the little yellow part in the middle actually becomes the strawberry itself. Of course, it needs to be pollinated first by a friendly bee. We cant wait until our strawberries are ready to harvest and eat, yum!

Check in next week for more updates from our garden!

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