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Teaching Garden Update 4/30/21

Updated: May 20, 2021

Wow, what a busy few weeks it has been. Every spring a killdeer nests in our flower garden, and when her eggs hatch we know it is officially springtime - this week we noticed that they have hatched! Last week we had a surprise hail storm, but now the spring weather seems to be sticking around. We are starting to plant transplants out in our garden, and we are also seeing so many sprouts from our direct seeded crops, and flowers blooming on our perennial fruits!

As we prepare beds for spring plantings, we have removed some overwintered crops and donated them to community fridges. Later in the season, when our harvests are larger, we plan to continue donating to our partners from last year - Chilis on Wheels and The Black Feminist Project.

Interested in visiting us this spring?

Our Get Outside! programming starts on Monday for small pods of children and their caregivers. You can read more about our programming and register with Eventbrite through our website.

The Teaching Garden will be open on weekends starting tomorrow 5/1 and every Saturday and Sunday through November from 12-4. We have activities for kids of all ages including a dig bed, watering activities, free seed giveaways, and tours of our space. Check out the Governors Island website for more information on booking ferry tickets.

We hope to see you soon!

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