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Teaching Garden Update 5/8

This week in the Teaching Garden we continued to plant out our garden beds, and did lots of weeding.

We planted potatoes (stay tuned for a full blog post about potato planting!).

We planted Okra. We put the Okra in between our lettuce heads. This is because Okra although Okra will become very large in the long run, it will take a long time for that to happen and we will harvest our lettuce heads well before the Okra needs that extra space.

We planted herbs like cilantro (pictured), basil, and parsley.

We planted flowers at the ends of each of our rows. Marigolds and Nasturtiums are both known to be good companion flowers in vegetable beds. This is because they can help repel garden foes like aphids, white fly, and cucumber beetles. They are also beautiful and look nice at the end of the beds!

We added cages to all of our heavy fruiting plants, like our peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes. The cages provide support to the plant so they can stand up straight even when they start growing heavy fruits.

Our fig trees leaves have slowly started coming back.

Our grape vines have also started sprouting their leaves.

Tune in next week for more updates!

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