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Teaching Garden Update 7/24

Another week, another donation! This week we donated about 215 pounds of produce to Chili's on Wheels. Additionally, we sent a few trays of plants to seniors at grand street settlement.

The trays of plants are a variety of herbs including parsley, chives, mint, and cilantro. We are glad to provide a small bit of nature for people to enjoy in their homes and we hope these individuals love their new plants!

Our donation to Chili's on Wheels this week includes 23 pounds of Eggplant, 60 pounds of Cucumber, 20 pounds of Cabbage, 25 pounds of Kale, 45 pounds of Collard Greens, 8 pounds of Swiss Chard, 5 pounds of Hot Peppers, 32 pounds of Potatoes, and .5 pounds of Mint.

Last weekend was our first official opening of the garden to the public! You can now visit our garden in small groups (so long as you are wearing a mask). We are only allowing a limited number of individuals in the garden at a time (to comply with social distancing guidelines), so depending on the amount of people there at the time you may need to wait at our gate to come in or come back a little later. Should we be busy enough we may implement a ticketing system to accommodate as many individuals as possible.

Come visit the garden to walk through our space, take in the sweeping skyline views, smell the flowers and fresh summer air, appreciate the beauty of our vegetables, hear the glorious bird songs, and awe at the many bees and butterflies helping to pollinate our space. We may also have scavenger hunts and watering cans available for kids! We hope to see you there. Make sure to reserve a spot on the ferry by following this link.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we are thrilled to have been featured in a New York Times article this week! Read the article here.

Photo Credit: Amr Alfiky/The New York Times

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