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Teaching Garden Update 8/7

This week in the Teaching Garden we have finally (almost) finished spreading the 30 cubic yards of mulch we received a few weeks ago! This week we also started planting our second succession of greens (Pac Choi) that we will be able to harvest this fall. Below are some beautiful blooming Black Eyed Susan's.

We donated just over 300 pounds of produce to Chilis on Wheels this week including...

about 10 pounds of Tomatillos, 24 pounds of Tomatoes, 10 pounds of spicy Peppers (a mix of Jalapeños, Habaneros, and Chili Peppers).

about 90 pounds of Collard greens, 40 pounds of Swiss Chard, 14 pounds of Kale, 4 pounds of Basil,

21 pounds of Leeks, 12 pounds of Cabbage (not pictured), 11 pounds of Cucumbers (not pictured) and a massive 62 pounds of Eggplant!

We also harvested a HUGE Swiss Chard leaf pictured below (with a pen for scale)

Lastly, this week we potted up over 300 mint plants! Soon these plants will be ready to be donated to home-bound seniors. We hope our plants bring a little joy and nature into people's lives!

Happy gardening!

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