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Teaching Garden Update 9/11

This week in the Teaching Garden we donated about 130 pounds of produce to the Taylor-Wythe Houses Community Center. Our regular donation partner was unable to pick up the produce this week and luckily we were able to find another place so none of our produce went to waste. This weeks donation included...

20 pounds of Swiss Chard,

32 pounds of Collard Greens,

8 pounds of Tomatillos, 28 pounds of Green Beans,

12 pounds of Carrots, 12 pounds of Tomatoes, 15 pounds of Eggplant, and about 3 pounds of sweet and hot peppers (not pictured).

Additionally, here are a few pictures of folks from the Young Israel of Forest Hills Senior League receiving our donated plants!

We are so glad to be able to provide delicious produce and beautiful potted plants to people all over the city!

Finally, the Teaching Garden is piloting a new program this fall! We are inviting small groups of students and their caregivers to the garden for some socially distant environmental education! Folks can come out to participate in an age-appropriate garden tour, and some hands-on activities like compost exploration, rainwater harvesting and watering, and nature art!

Learn more on our website and register on our Eventbrite. If you have any questions about our programming you can email

As always our garden is open to the public on weekends from 12-4. Come out to see whats growing, and admire the beautiful skyline views!

We hope to see you in the garden soon!

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