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Teaching Garden Update 9/18

This week we donated about 310 pounds of produce to Chilis on Wheels!

Our donation included a whopping 176 pounds of Pac Choi! We planted our Pac Choi only a few weeks ago and it has grown faster than we expected. It all needed to come out of the ground this week otherwise it would start to bolt. When greens bolt, it means that they start to flower and seed. They become very bitter and are not great to eat anymore.

One wheelbarrow of Collard greens (about 12 pounds worth) snuck into that photo. We also donated about 4.5 pounds of Okra, 14 pounds of sweet and hot peppers, 11 pounds of Tomatillos, 38 pounds of Eggplant,

26 pounds of Green Beans,

17 pounds of Cherry Tomatoes, 13 pounds of Beets (not pictured), and 2.5 pounds of Chives (not pictured).

This week we also had a visit from Bloom Again Brooklyn!

They harvested flowers to donate to home-bound seniors. Our flower garden has gotten a little out of control with weeds this year but they were still able to find some beautiful flowers.

Our last farm update is about our Carrots. Sadly, all of the Carrots we have planted in the last few weeks have been dug up and eaten by some garden pest. We suspect either squirrels or rats.

Whoever this culprit is has been frustratingly eating only a few bites from each carrot before moving on to dig up another one.

We hope they at least enjoyed them. We will have to plant something else or cover our carrots with row cover going forward.

Don't forget we are open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 12-4. Stop by to water some plants, do a scavenger hunt, or just take in the beauty of the farm.

Additionally, we still have open spaces for our Children's programming, Get Outside! Follow that link to learn more and register.

Tune in next week for more garden updates!

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