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Teaching Garden Update 9/25

This week in the teaching garden we donated about 250 pounds of produce to the Black Feminist Project. This weeks donation included...

3 pounds of Tomatillos,

3 pounds of hot peppers,

41 pounds of Eggplant,

9.5 pounds of Tomatoes (not pictured), 15.5 pounds of Leeks,

10.5 pounds of Green Beans,

33 pounds of Kale,

63 pounds of Swiss Chard,

60 pounds of Collard Greens,

and our newly ready to harvest, 11.5 pounds of Radishes!

Here it all is packed up in the van ready to head off the island. We also packed up a ton of bagged compost from Earth Matter to head to our fall plant sale!

This week we also were visited again by Bloom Again Brooklyn! They harvested some beautiful bouquets to deliver to folks all over Brooklyn.

Lastly, we have partnered with Iviva for several years, she uses a few beds in our garden to grow Indigo, Flax, and most recently Cotton. Check out her great video which shows a tutorial on how to use Indigo leaves to dye fabric!

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