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Teaching Garden Update August 21

Today we sent out about 380 pounds of produce to Chili's on Wheels. Our biggest weekly donation to date! Here it is packed up in the van ready to head off the island.

Including 12 pounds of Beets, 13 pounds of Carrots

15 pounds of bell (not pictured) and hot peppers,

22 pounds of Tomatillos,

13 pounds of Leeks,

21 pounds of Plum Tomatoes, 25 pounds of Cherry Tomatoes (pictured above in the van),

65 pounds of Chard, 74 pounds of Collards, and 20 pounds of Kale,

Our collards come in all shapes and sizes :) take a look at this monster one next to a tiny baby!

On Tuesdays, we have been working with small groups of youth who work at GrowNYC farmstands as a part of our youth development programs. We take these young people on a tour of our space and give them a change to harvest some vegetables so they can see what it's like to be a farmer. This week one of our visitors was excited by our prickly pear cactus and harvested a pad to de-spike and take home to taste! We have never harvested a pad from this cactus plant and we are just as excited to learn from our students as we hope they are to learn from us.

See you next week!

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