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Teaching Garden Update July 23

Its hot in the teaching garden this summer, and our veggies are loving it! Last week, we donated about 150 pounds of produce to the Black Feminist Project. We also harvested garlic and its currently curing in our hoop house.

We have also continued to work with Bloom Again Brooklyn bi-weekly all summer, they donate the flowers from our garden to various folks all around the city.

Today, we donated around 340 pounds of produce to Chilis on Wheels!

Our donation today included...

26 pounds of Kale, 60 pounds of Collard Greens, 55 pounds of Swiss Chard,

13.5 pounds of Basil, 3 pounds of Mint, 5 pounds of Chives,

27 pounds of carrots, 13.5 pounds of Beets, 3 pounds of Peppers,

12 pounds of Tomatoes, 18 pounds of Zucchini,

23 pounds of Cabbage, and 81 pounds of Potatoes!

Stay tuned for more Teaching Garden updates to see what else is new in the teaching garden!

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