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Teaching Garden Update May 28

The weather is warming up, the roses are blooming, and the Teaching Garden is ramping up to its pre-pandemic programming!

In the last two weeks, we have had zoom Q&A's with kindergarteners, hosted our second corporate volunteer event of the season, continued to work with students via our Get Outside program, and started donating produce!

Our students from Get Outside water in their herbs that they helped us plant, our corporate volunteers help us spread compost, and our educators show some kindergarteners around virtually and answer all of their wonderful garden questions. Stay tuned to hear about updates for our summer Get Outside programming.

In garden news, our blueberries are forming, our strawberries are ripening, and our killdeer laid some beautiful eggs. The blueberries should be ready to harvest in the next week or so and we had our first harvest of strawberries this week! Soon, we will be swimming in strawberries, which is great because we have our first official donation to The Black Feminist Project next week. Our resident killdeer picked our row of beets to lay her eggs in this year, she protects them amazingly by screeching and flapping her wing in a way that makes it look broken. Killdeers basically sacrifice themselves to predators to save their eggs, nature is so cool!

Our radishes grew faster than expected and we had a large amount ready to harvest before our first official donation. We took about 40 pounds of radishes and distributed them to some community fridges around the city.

Thats all the updates from the Teaching Garden for now, stay tuned next week to hear about our first big donation and to see what else we get up to in the next few weeks!

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